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Wills, Inheritances and Pre-Nuptial Agreements

This area of civil law is provided as a supplementary service to our clients. Our firm has drafted wills and pre-nuptial agreements of substantial sums, while placing an emphasis on carrying out the will of the testator. As in all areas, in this area as well the office focuses on remaining up-to-date with professional literature and even publishing articles in these areas of law.

The drafting of a will or a prenuptial agreement, or the distribution of assets as an estate administrator frequently entail not only a general distribution of the deceased's assets among the heirs in a spirit of peace and compromise, but also various tax issues and other commercial considerations in the future administration of the estate. Proper and wise drafting of the will frequently saves the deceased's family – the heirs –tens of thousands of dollars upon inheritance, including if the family is not particularly wealthy but only inheriting a residential apartment or other property.

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