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Financial/White Collar Offenses

 As a supplementary service to the firm's expertise in the area of economics, our firm provides service to clients in cases involving tax offenses, money-laundering offenses and other similar cases. Other than tax offenses and tax penalty arrangements, our firm typically refrains from representing clients in criminal proceedings, but offers assistance as an outside consultant, advisor and occasionally as a strategic leader for cases involving suspicion of serious financial offenses, together with a co-counsel whose practice concentrates on criminal law. In this case, our firm will provide the substantive legal expertise in the relevant area of law, and the additional co-counsel will incorporate such knowledge into the court documents and the procedural proceeding. Among other matters, our firm has acted in such a manner in circumstances in which clients were accused of offenses such as: tax offenses, money-laundering offenses, antitrust offenses, director liability and so forth.

Our firm also provides legal opinions in the areas of taxation, money-laundering and antitrust to clients seeking counsel prior to taking any business action.

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