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Professional Publications

Dr. Arye Leybovich is one of the leading lawyers who has authored professional legal literature on tax law, in addition to authoring other professional legal publications. Among his many works, Advocate Leybovich has written hundreds of scholarly articles, as well as the following books:

1. Trusts and Trusts Taxation

2. Encyclopedia of Tax Treaties

(Vol. II)

3. Tax Treaties – 111 Tables of Israel's Tax Conventions – A Comparative Law Analysis

4. Stamp Duty Law

5. Four volumes of the book, Value Added Tax, which is to be published in the near future.

In addition, the Arye Leybovich & Co. Law Firm is presently working on the publication of additional books in the area of taxation of employee options and compensation of senior employees, and in the field of taxation of hedge and venture capital funds, which it expects to publish by the end of 2009.

All of the books serve as both practical and academic tools for use by lawyers, judges, accountants, financial managers, tax consultants, bookkeepers, tax authority employees, brokers, legal consultants, academic researchers and students.


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